Exhibition Reflection

What are you excited about?

I am excited by our ideating. I think it’s been a really successful process…I feel like original ideas I had that I just ‘had to do’ have really fallen by the wayside and been replaced with new out-of-my-comfort-zone ideas that could be really cool. I really like the idea of an exhibition that cumulatively grows as it ages. Granted, this will be up only one evening, so it would have to be pretty rapid growth to be successful. I am excited to connect the exhibition to the book. I think there are a lot of valuable ideas and qualities that are within it…and imbuing our exhibition with it, I think, gives it more meaning. It connects us to history and context, I think it also puts us in a place of humility…that we need to be respectful/thoughtful/careful to the stories and struggles of these men and their communities.

What am I not excited about?

I am not excited about doing an Instagram museum. I am also concerned about dreaming so big that we leave ourselves vulnerable to impossibilities and/or near impossibilities. I want to do something great, I also want to do something feasible. I am not interested in doing 3 all-nighters in a row at crunch time to complete an exhibition that was too big for us to begin with. In other words, I want to do something that respects the time needed to do well in our other classes.

Which proposal would I pick?

I like the concept of a singular or perhaps main experience. I think it would be easier to pull off really well. I think one main project would allow us to have a really beautiful aesthetic across the whole space. It would be engaging for visitors and simpler for us to manage as a team. We could go pretty deep and pursue fine crafting because it would be one main thing, which would be reproduced over and over again. My vote is for either the mandala exhibition or the tactile forest.


Crossing Borders - Finding Community

….working on it

….sleeping on it

How will collaborating with other students impact my own development as a designer?

I think that it’s already happening. I have really enjoyed working with Tara and Aurie and Austin, working out problems with constraints I’ve never had before. It’s pushing me in new directions and away from my own ‘ideas’, which I think is great. I think a comment Glenda made at the end of last week is really important, that our ideas are gifts to one another. I think that is really beautiful. I’ve never been around such a diverse and talented group of designers, so leaving pride on the side (my design is best!) is a really great and, at times, challenging process. Otherwise, it’s just really fun to learn new skills or at least hear about them and imagine possibilities.

October 31, 2018
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