Grad School

In June 2020, Jonathan graduated from the University of California, Davis with an MFA in Design.

While craft and aesthetics remained important, his thesis and research focused on furniture from a new perspective—as a social tool that can enable or create hierarchies, power dynamics, control, or preferably, equality.

Seeking ways to imagine furniture as a tool for supporting justice and community, Jonathan turned his attention to Peace Rooms, or spaces of restorative justice, in which an offender, victim, families and communities can seek resolution to a harm outside of our criminal justice system. Schools, churches, community centers etc. are seeking non-punitive ways of doing justice, and these spaces, thoughtfully designed, can foster positive and restorative interactions between people.

Accordingly, Jonathan designed and made two specialty seating forms for restorative justice circles in order to promote comfort and trust during hard and vulnerable discussions.

For more information on his thesis work, please read his short descriptive pamphlet, or his thesis paper: “Building for Justice: Imagining Furniture for Restorative Justice Spaces”.

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