Grad School

Exhibition Reflection

What are you excited about?

I am excited by our ideating. I think it’s been a really successful process…I feel like original ideas I had that I just ‘had to do’ have really fallen by the wayside and been replaced with new out-of-my-comfort-zone ideas that could be really cool. I real...

October 31, 2018

Workshop Reflection

Looking back on our workshop…I am actually pretty proud of what we did. I think Tara and I benefited from the great workshop put on by Elizabeth and Tracy. For me, their workshop expanded my imagination of the possibilities and helped me reframe ours as a more communal/collaborative time. S...

October 15, 2018

Craft for Collaboration

Craft as a Tool for Multidisciplinary Collaboration and Design Practice 1st Cambridge Academic Design Management Conference, September, 7-8, 2011 Kristina Niedderer, Yassaman Imani, Matthew Overton

I was pretty excited by this ...

October 14, 2018

Book of Joy, by Douglas Abrams

I’ve been struggling to summarize my thoughts on this book. There is a lot there. For one, I am deeply moved by the stories of both men, who have done so much…have withstood so much. I appreciated the partial histories of their lives, while at the same time being a very personal book. The ...

October 4, 2018

Art of Critical Making, Article by Leslie Hurst

Even though the article is primarily, or solely, about undergraduates…I think a lot of similar ideas apply to us as graduate students, if not even more so. We are coming in with experience as ‘creatives,’ so there is a pressure there to continue that stream; to have moments of inspiration. P...

August 26, 2018